Corporate Identity and Branding

Branding focuses specifically on the creation of that corporate name that will give you identity and help you project the right idea to the general public.

Building a good branding will help you to stand out in the market, to be durable in time, forging an image that will help you to build and manage your market objectively.

Types of Branding most sought after

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What is Branding?

First of all, branding is the foundation of your brand, and identity is the visual realization of your brand strategy. You cannot have one without the other.

Branding is the strategy that is used to design how people interact with your company. It's planning how you want them to feel and the message you want to communicate to them.

The branding strategy is based on four pillars:

Identity is the perceptible aspect of the brand based on the strategy you created at the foundation of your brand. It's how you want to communicate visually.

The identity includes:

Developing a brand identity requires more than creating a logo. While a logo may be the symbol of a company, it is not the entirety of a brand. In fact, creating a logo is only a small step toward developing a strong brand identity.

What are the main components of branding?

Naming: Creation of a name

Corporate Identity: Visual representation of a brand

Positioning: Placing a brand in the consumer's mind

Brand Loyalty: Engagement that the public develops with the brand

Brand Architecture: Process to determine roles and links between brands in a company.

The importance of branding

Creating a brand identity builds awareness of your product or service and helps you rise above the competition. It shows customers that you are fun, loyal, hip, modern, family-oriented or any other identity you desire. It can shift and change over time, but you should keep in mind to maintain a positive customer perception even through brand changes.

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